Which video camera?

By PokerMan
Jul 13, 2007
  1. I'm in the market for a video camera. I'm usually quite good at choosing these things for myself but I'm finding myself getting bogged down reading reviews online that don't tell me what I feel I need most of all from a camera. I'll keep it simple for now and see how it goes.

    Priority number one is I want to be able to easily upload anything I film to my pc so I can edit it, etc. and then burn it using Nero to dvd. Budget isn't too much of a problem but if I can keep it to not more than about £500 that would be really sweet. I'm not into making grand epic films, although the occassional short film for fun with friends would be nice, it's mainly just family gatherings, home life and the like.

    I'm sure you might need more info somewhere down the line but I can't predict what so if we can just start here for now and see where that leads I'd be very greatful. Thanks in anticipation.
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