White Screen on Dell laptop

By fondane
Jan 27, 2010
  1. All,
    I am faced with this peculiar problem and need help on this.
    When I start my Dell 1520 Vostro laptop it will show up white screen on my LCD, no bios loading message etc. and not boot up. I connected an external monitor to my laptop and I was able to see the BIOS loading messages but Vista got corrupted from some reason and hence not booting.
    I could understand that OS is gone but what I don't understand why my LCD is white and not showing up BIOS loading messages. Also, I tried restoring the factory default image on the disk but it would still not boot.

    Also, a couple of days back I did see some vertical white lines on screen but a restart removed it. so, I kinda ignored it.

    Do you think LCD has gone bad? How can I ensure that? I still have warranty on this one, so I could send it back for repair. But, I would prefer doing it myself than spending cycles with support.

    thoughts or things I should try?
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