win works fine until i turn off, and then turn on the comp again???

By supersrbin2000
Feb 21, 2006
  1. i've stucked with this problem a long time now, and it goes like this: when i install OS and configure it (drivers and stuff), the whole thing works just fine and smooth, even after rebooting, but then, when i turn off the comp, and turn it on again, especially after letting it stay turned off for a while, a very strange things starts to happen. I've tried to install XP Pro and 98SE, but the same thing happens. Now, the problems are, among other, that:
    - win reeboots for a few times, check disk, fix some errors if it founds it, and places some files in the FOUNDxx dir. Then Win starts and work just fine...
    - memmory 'could not been read' or 'written' (at logon screen),then restarts
    - enter win and then suddenly restarts (after a few seconds)
    - do not let me to log on with existing user account, blocks it and creates another
    and things like that. The point is that it starts to work fine, after this strange crashes. I can't figure it out, can anyone PLEEEASEEE help me? Thanx in advance. :(
  2. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    system specs?

    post any minidumps (as a zip attachment here) or bsods you get..

    run memtest86 to stress test your ram..
    do a chkdsk /f and defrag..
    download everest home, check temps and voltages under sensors
    also might want to check your cmos battery volts..

    it does sound like a hdd problem (crashing?).. cant think of any hdd testers but maybe some guys know of one here.. check its well ventilated and not suffering heat stroke and see (hear) if its scratching or clicking ie wierd noises and stuff..

    thats just a general troubleshoot.. hope it helps get u somewhere..
  3. supersrbin2000

    supersrbin2000 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, the sys specs are:
    * Motherboard: ASUS A7V226-C (BIOS rev 1011), with:
    - AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (not overclocked, even @1Mhz the same thing happens
    but it's temperature is preety high - about 70C. anyhow,
    problems occur during the startup, and not during a heavy
    CPU manages heavy load well)
    - 256Mb Kingston DDR (tried to switch slots - doesn't help...maybe incompatible...)
    - Maxtor 40Gb @ 7200rpm (I've checked many times, and there's no bad sectors,
    no MBR viruses,and it doesn't sound strange...i suppose
    you meant about those clicks and "ping-pong" sound.
    But, it is relatively hot, allright)
    - ASUS GeForce 440 MX (suspicious about it, default display is a bit darker than
    usual,and win often crashes during the loading of asus
    tray utility...but i haven't tried another card...)
    - Creative SB Live! (usual click/pop problems that it seems to have with XP)'s some linux bootup errors:
    x) segmentation fault
    x) kernel panic: not syncing: fatal exception in interrupt
    x) page fault
    sometimes even - keyboard error or no keyb. present err appears (reset - works)
    I'll get more info as soon as possible. Thanx for help.
  4. alidabiri

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    go to
    start/control panel/admin tools/eventviewer/applications
    do you see any apps with red mark?
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