Win32/Heur and Dropper.Bravix.A infections

By Zach712
Oct 19, 2008
  1. (Updated!) Win32/Heur and Dropper.Bravix.A infections

    Here are my logs. Seems like every few hours AVG (updated) keeps coming up that I'm infected with this Virus/Trojan. Can anyone help? Or if this has been brought up before to give me a link to help? There seems to be nothing visibly wrong with my computer as of now, still going normal speed, no pop ups or anything of the sort. I just have to keep virus vaulting these infections.

    Note: Since running the scans and everything from the list of 8 things to do, the infection notice has not come back up, but I will keep you informed. The malware program found 10 infections, the superspyware found 11 but they were the normal adware stuff you get. Hopefully this helps.

    Can anyone confirm if I am clean or not?

  2. Zach712

    Zach712 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm bumping due to major changes in the post, thanks. Btw, confirmation of my computer's cleanliness would be nice.
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