Winamp and/or ATI Remote & System Crash

By mikegray
Jan 23, 2005
  1. Hi all!

    Dad blast it! After getting some very helpful advice from techspot folks on getting my PSU and mobo going, I've run into a whole new bunch of difficulties: listening to audio CDs on winamp crashes my system.

    I've downloaded the latest version of Winamp and loaded it onto my HTPC. I'm running Windows XP on the rig you see in my signature. The system isn't overclocked and is running just fine otherwise. Before the problems set in I had installed Winamp and used it to listen to a few different CDs, and every things seemed pretty much OK.

    Until I plugged in my ATI Remote Wonder. It worked fine with other programs like Dscaler. However, after I had set up the Winamp plugins, I started running into trouble. I could start Winamp OK with the ATI RW and I could play MP3 just fine, too. However, as soon as I hit the remote play button on an audio CD the system simply crashed and rebooted - no warning, no blue screen, no wait. It looked like I had put a pistol to the CPU.

    After rebooting, the system didn't return an error message of any kind.

    After trying a lot of differnt settings (various output modes, various Winamp plugins) - none of the helped - I unplugged the remote wonder USB and removed the software too. I then started Winamp by mouse. Ugh. Guess what: another crash, just like the ones I got with the ATI Remote. Now I can't play CDs at all. After a longish wait I got a CD playing for about a minute this afternoon until the system crashed again.

    Does anyone have an idea about how I could isolate the problem and maybe even fix it??


    Mike Gray
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