WinAntiVirus08 has taken over my PC

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Nov 3, 2008
  1. I'm New here so please Forgive if I'm doing anything wrong:

    Ok so this happened about 2 Months ago but I was happily surfing the Internet on my PC and then this Pop-Up comes up called 'WinAntiVirus08' it was basically checking my PC for Viruses. (I have Trojans but they've never really bothered me) I tried clicking the 'X' to get rid of the Pop-up when I realised there was no 'X' I then realised that it was a Virus disquised as a Typical AntiVirus software. While it wasn't fooling me, another Pop Up came up saying that I must agree to the terms and conditions of the AntiVirus software which was installing itself onto my PC. The Problem was that I couldn't disagree or 'X' the Pop-Up off as there was nothing apart from Agree, so I (stupidily) agreed and then quickly shut down my PC in hope that it wouldn't install itself onto my PC.

    I was wrong.......

    As soon as I rebooted my PC, I discovered that my Tactic didn't work and that my PC had been deadlocked by this virus posing as an antivirus program. After discovering that I couldn't access the internet and that I'd have to pay the people responsible the Virus if I wanted my PC free. I decided to try and 'System Restore' which had also been deadlocked to the date I'd installed it on, which sucked. When I try to delete it, it tells me it can't be deleted at this time and i must try later (tried 2 months later still need to try again later) So I left it...

    2 Months later I have a Vista Disc that will wipe my PC, problem is I can install Vista on safe mode and when I boot up my PC I get the Blue Screen of Death as the system starts to boot up.

    Long Story Short:

    1. Is there anyway I can wipe my PC without any recovery discs
    2. Is there anyway I can get rid of this WinAntiVirus08 with wiping my PC

    Some Details:
    My PC is a Dell Dimension E520 and the Blue Screen of Death Msg is: Driver IRQL is no less of equal. But I've had this error for a while when I've install Proper AntiVirus Software i.e: AVG

    If you require anymore info I'll try and help.

    Please Help, Thanks.
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    You can rid yourself of this horrible pest without wiping your hard drive. I did this on three systems this weekend. Before I give you a list of things to do, I would follow the tried and true procedures noted here on Techspot.

    This is a rapidly growing threat and the fact that you had other trojans and chose to ignore them, opened yourself to more threats, some which could have literally destroyed everything you have.

    Here is a link to the techspot recommended procedures. I had two more calls today on computers infected with the same virus/malware.

    Post your results to this thread.
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    I'll let the others that offer you help work with you, to minimize confusion, but that BSOD you are seeing is likely a fake. I dealt with this on someone else's computer once before. It was an interesting problem to take care of, but I did get the system running normally and infection free.
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    The only reason I chose to ignore all these Trojans is because when I previously installed AVG, when it was trying to remove all the Trojans I would get the Blue Screen of Death.
    My main Problem is the Fact that my PC is always crashing whenever it boots up so I don't have a chance to actually do anything

    and also I'm typing this on a different Computer, before everyone gets confused
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