Windows 11 Indexing Turned Off

Hello all,

My son just bought a new xbox controller and Microsoft messed up his PC. Since he recovered to a restore point of 2 days ago. But now he's getting an error when he goes to search in windows that Indexing is turned off. Will this have any effect on the PC itself?? Thank you to those who help!


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Using an Xbox controller on a PC is very unlikely to have caused the problems - it's entirely 'plug and play,' The fact that a restore point has generated a failure of the Windows Indexing service is almost certainly entirely unrelated.

Indexing is used to speed up searching through the hard drives, when a search query is put in. Here's how to switch the service back on:

> Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC all together. This will open up Task Manager
> Go to the Services tab
> Scroll until you see Windows Search or WSearch
> Check to see if the Status to see if it's Running or not
> If it's Running, then it's actually all okay
> If the Status area is blank, then right-click on the service and select Start

You probably don't want to do this every time you need to search for a file quickly, see it's best to get back up running full-time again:

> Press Win+R together.
> Type in services.msc and press enter
> Scroll down until you see Windows Search and double-click on it
> In the drop-down menu for Startup Type, select Automatic (Delayed Start)
> Click OK, then restart the PC