Windows 7 boot error

By kysulinas
Sep 12, 2010
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  1. xmnt2002 program not found - skipping AUTO CHECK

    When booting win im geting this eror. who can help?
    I use pc for internet only.
    i am restoring win 7 from factory default every 15 days.
    its always coming somthing new. Last time it stopt booting win, and showing to chose win from 1 choise "Win vista 7.52.18" what is wrong with windows? i bought PC with original windows, manufacturer changed alredy HDD to other from factory. but now (after week) i am geting this error:
    "xmnt2002 program not found - skipping AUTO CHECK"
    win 7 is win vista 7 or what? i would instal xp to this pc, but when starting with xp i am geting fatal error on blue screan. This pc made for "win 7" only. please help. i dont want to change more parts on my pc. i dont instal eny programs just auto update. i dont even hawe games in pc. why its doing this?
  2. mike1959

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    I have no knowledge of this problem, but a quick search turns up the same answer several times. It is part of 'Partition magic' program. Try uninstalling and reinstalling it. You could also try this link;

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