Windows 7 BSOD multiple error messages (7 minidumps included)

By Dpatt711
Feb 6, 2012
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  1. So I installed new RAM and have been getting BSOD's

    Obviously it's an error with your RAM!

    Not quite, I got this error a lot before installing my new RAM.

    My computer worked for 8 weeks when I first got it but then it got BSOD every hour or two, for two weeks, then it disappeared for another 6-8 weeks. It started acting up again so I bought new RAM did the whole reseat take one out put one in to no prevail.

    Could it be power problem (I have router, monitor, computer (450w), sound-system (max = 220w) all plugged into one 8 year old power strip that is plugged into one outlet)

    I coulda ruled that out, cause I get BSOD when I'm not doing anything sometimes...

    Well here are the minidumps should be enough to narrow down what could be the error...
  2. Tmagic650

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  3. Dpatt711

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    Hooked my PSU to an outlet with nothing else plugged in.

    No BSOD yet (I dont wanna jinx myself)

    EDIT: LOL on the random question I accidentally entered Nvidia for who makes the iPhone!

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