Windows 7 freezes after login

  1. Some stages to simplify description:

    1. Windows 7 x64 is working fine.

    2. Shutdown like normal, unplug computer, install new HDD, accidentally unplug cable to Boot SSD (but left sata power plugged into drive), start computer.

    3. Obvious boot error.

    4. Discover dislodged sata cable, plug in, boot.

    5. Everything seems to be going fine, windows boots, login screen appears, I log on and the desktop appears.

    6. First sign of a problem is that the loading circle on the network icon in the lower right freezes. I can still do limited things: open "My Computer" start task manager, open VLC. If I try to open firefox or right click "computer" to open the "Manage" window, DWM freezes but VLC and My computer keep functioning like normal for a little while and then after a few minutes, become unresponsive as well.

    7. OK, weird. Crtl + Alt + Delete --> shut down. Freezes at "shutting down" --> hard shutdown.

    8. Boot into safemode. I am able to get into "Manage" and take the opportunity to initialize and format the new drive. everything runs in safemode.

    9. Restart and run windows. 6 occures again. --> hard shutdown *grimace*

    10. Insert windows install disk, run startup repair --> "no problems". Run windows memory check on next restart. restart, memory check, no problems. --> 9 occures again.

    11. Reboot, select old HDD with other windows 7 installation, boot. Boots fine, login, everything works, none of the problems in 6. I am at this stage right now.

    I would like to:

    > understand the problem
    >fix it without a fresh install(lots of programs I don't want to reinstall...)
  2. professorbell

    professorbell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem is resolved, here's how:

    I ran checkdisk and some other utilities from the other operating system, rebooted again into the afflicted drive, no change.

    So I decided to go back and clean the crap out of the sata cable and the sata port on the drive. Lots of compressed air later, I plugged everything back in and booted.

    Everything works. (I'm posting from the the OS in question) and it took that much longer because I frantically dismissed the excellent advice in the BSOD forum sticky

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