Windows 8 client gets Hyper-V virtualization support


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Microsoft has announced that one or more versions of Windows 8 client will ship with the company's Hyper-V virtualization software. Previously limited to Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, Hyper-V…

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This looks good. I have been using Server 2008 R2 HyperV for a while, this would be icing on the cake for Win8. Way to go, MS team!


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Nice, but it itches my mind if "most" of the people would be capable of using or even understanding this :p


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What Cota said. Virtualization for the most part is more applicable for business-related use. We use VMWare on our servers all the time where I work. Except for the very few and far between techno-nerds who want to play with multiple OS's on their PC, virtualization will be totally lost on your mainstream PC user.

Also appears to me MS is trying to take out a quite a few 3rd party developers with Windows 8.


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This will definitely be a Win8 Ultimate feature, so that's a no for me. Not that I would be able to run it decently.


@bakape, I think it will be availabe in Professional/Enterprise.


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Enterprise (at least for windows 7) is just a volume licensing version of Ultimate. The same is mostly true for Vista (enterprise loses the media center though)... so for what its worth bakape's comment is still valid.


Yeah... i'll stick with VirtualBox. Many years too late, Microsoft.