Windows 98 operating system not found. please help me

By evelone
Jan 31, 2005
  1. I have an old gateway computer that has Windows 98. I got it for reeeeaaallly cheap when a company i worked for went down.

    It has windows 98 installed and I don't think i have any disks. When i turn the system on it says 'operating system not found.'

    I opened the case and made sure the hard drive is plugged in then i went into bios and the hard drive was 3rd on the boot list. I moved the hard drive up to #1 and restarted the cpu.

    I am still getting the same 'operating system not found' message.' I am a newbie in this forum can someone please help me. I would greatly apreciate it.
  2. Didou

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    Try creating a BootDisc. Once you've booted on this disc, launch FDISK & see what it says about existing partitions.

    Maybe the hard drive has been wiped before the machine was sold. Some companies do so to make sure no important company information gets "leaked".


    Operating system not found

    Using a Win98 boot disk, try the following:

    Boot with disk in drive.

    Once booted and at the a: prompt, type FDISK;
    then, ' Y ' for large support;

    Select option 4 to display the partition information.

    Make sure one of the partitions is marked " ACTIVE "

    If not, hit Esc, select option 2, and then select the partition you wish to have as the active partition.

    Escape out of fdisk and reboot without the boot disk.

    You may need to re-install the operating system once a partiton is marked active.
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