Windows boot and install BSOD

By leigulas
Nov 21, 2005
  1. Using: Winxp 32 and 64bit pro
    Cpu: Amd s939 3500 newcastle processor
    Ram: CMX512-3000xl from corsair
    MB: Asus A8N- Sli Deluxe Rev. A3
    HDD: 1 WD raptor 74gb sata, 1 WD Ide 200Gb, 1 Seagate Sata 200gb sata.
    Cooling: Watercooling from Asetek, 3 fan raditor, cpu, gpu, chipset waterblocks.
    Vgacard: Sapphire Ati radeon 800xl

    Problem: Windows suddenly starts to reboot, and restart evey time windows tries to boot. Windows reinstallation (fresh copy with formated drive) BSOD anywhere under windows installation.

    I used bios 1009 for a long while, and it worked fine until lataly...
    Just a week ago windows bsod, everytime I logged in. I formated partition and tried reinstallwindows, but it bsod everytime.
    Used ez flash utility built into the bios at bootup, and flashed bios back to original bios (Strange symptoms: to squares where not updated under update procedure, and recieved cmos checksum error after first boot, but not after entering bios, saving and restart, old settings where still there, and not cleared like it usually does after bios update) Windows was then install successful, and windows usage was stable.

    I cleareded cmos with pin and battery (not everything was set default, it seemed) Then I Updated bios to bios 1014 (recommended chipset drivers installed), and same problem came back, I flashed back to original again and it worked again. I even tried with bios, 1011, 1015 without success. I have also tried to update bios from windows, but there is no change in symptoms.
    Checked if different hdd's and psu did make any difference, well it didn’t. I even deassembled the whole system, and cleaned all parts and put them back. Still no difference. Itdle Temperatures Cpu 27, chipset 25, vga 30.
    The ram passed all memtests in ultimate boot cd, so I don't think its the ram?

    Is the bioschip damaged? Why does the system work with original bios and not any other?
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