Windows crashing

By Pavarti
Nov 28, 2013
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  1. I don't know whats going on with windows 7 professional but it keeps I guess you call it crashing, everything freezes including the mouse I get this strange "fast reverb" sound from speakers , I cant use " ctrl,alt,delete " to check for any programs that may be causing the problem, my only option is to shut down manually and restart., but when I restart I cant get online or run any programs. so I did a system restore, and everything was fine, this happened about every 2 hrs or so, at first I thought it was because of a windows update it kept trying to instal (internet explorer 11) so I blocked that update. and everything was fine for a couple days, then it did it again today and the system restore did not work.( there was no windows updates attempt) I shut down the comp for a few hrs, when I fired it back up it was fine.... this is getting real old very fast. plz see DxDiag and troubleshooting picture. Thank you :) I hope someone can help me

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  2. Tmagic650

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    What antivirus program are you running?
  3. Pavarti

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    I have malewarebytes, panda cloud, superantispyware, I checked for viruses and maleware and found nothing, this comp is basically brand new like 7 days old, brand new graphics card, motherboard,processor, the person who did all this says that this version of windows he put in was brand new he also said he had to change the disk drive.. but this has been happening since I got it back, ($1000 later) it never happened before, and the main reason I had all this done was because I am a gamer, after reinstalling all my games etc., games are still freezing up and now this new problem, I'm in worse shape now than I was before :'( and he's like " it's no big deal windows crashes sometimes" and wont take my calls any more.
  4. Benmar

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    Avoid the automatic update in windows you can change it if you want just goto control panel then go to security then select windows update,select the other option , but before that please do a system restore.

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