"Windows Explorer has encountered..." on startup

By MMDominator88
Jun 29, 2007
  1. Hey, so I just did a fresh install of WinXP Pro SP2 and haven't been able to get on the internet and run the auto updates (this might be my problem), but every time I restart the comp. it comes up immediately with the "windows explorer has encountered an error and must close, we are sorry..." so I just click do not send and close the dialog box and go along my merry way, but now it directly affects me...I have installed PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 and it says that my GFX card driver is not compatible !! it's the newest d*** catalyst drivers from the official website, WTF....and it says to download the Cyberlink BD/HD advisor, so I do that and run the test and it passes on every category, INCLUDING the driver version on my GFX card......hmmm, maybe I just need to get the computer on the internet and get those G** D*** updates,,,,,any thoughts would be helpful

    **UPDATE...problem solved
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