Windows fail to load, reboots

By hoshiyume
Jul 20, 2008
  1. I'm a Windows Xp user.

    When I first on my computer, Windows fail to load and then it reboots and the black screen asking me to load in safe mode, last good config, load windows normally will appear.

    I have tried every option but my computer will just reboot and bring me back to the black screen with the same options. Sometimes, after selecting one of the options, my computer will freeze and i will have to manually reboot my computer.

    I have to repeat this process for many times trying different options before I can start windows successfully.

    I have tried to unplug all my usb ports connecting to printer/scanner.. Reinstall windows for 2 times.

    This seems to happen each day, for the very first time I on my computer and since my computer is out of warranty, I want to try to 'fix' it my self if possible before I call in the techs.
  2. Pos_Dell

    Pos_Dell TS Rookie

    any luck??
  3. 50crckt51

    50crckt51 TS Rookie

    Load the Windows disk, at the first option screen choose the "R" option. This will take you to the "Repair and Recovery Console". You will be asked to enter an admin password, just push enter, as it is unlikely you have set an admin password. At the prompt type "HELP" this will start a list. Just push the spacebar and it will take you to the prompt. Now type your cdrom's drive letter, such as D:. When the prompt changes type CHKDSK /R C: this should help. As the machine reboots remove the Windows disk and see if the annoyance is still present. Hope this is of assistance.
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