Windows firewall / ICS service is not running

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May 18, 2009
  1. hi guys,

    i was using windows xp sp2 for a long time and there was no problem. recently i have installed windows xp sp3 and from that day windows firewall is not running. when i click on the firewall, it will say" windows firewall / ics service is not running, you want to run" if i click on "yes" , it will say, " windows cant run this service on local computer, access denied". i am using administrator account and still this error is coming. if i go to services and try to enable this service from there, the same thing is happening. actually i need to make this firewall "off" for sharing one printer.

    from "net" , i got one temporary solution as by deleting the windows\softwaredistribution folder. after deleting this folder firewall will work normally.but on next restart everything will go back to the previous state.please help me..
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  3. sumeshmd

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    thank you boss for helping,

    after trying this "netsh Winsock reset" it worked for some time, again after 1 hr it went back to previous state. i dont know what is happening automatically.
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    Part of that link (at the bottom of the post) stated you may have Malware. It is advised that you consider running our 8-Step Virus and Malware Removal process, Note: you will need to create a New Thread in the Virus and Malware Removal forum, if you wish to have your logs checked
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    thanks boss..let me try that.
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