Windows freezes after installing new vedeo card

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Feb 14, 2005
  1. installed radeon 9250 256 mb pci card now window freezes the windows logo help me please i have a newcomputer so i exceed all the system requirments, ive installed the cd and everything looked in bios but dont know what to look for exactly , the video is set to auto and ive changed it to pci ext but that did not help , the computer works fine when i take the video card out, please help me :knock:
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    some specs would be useful such as the Cpu you have and the make of motherboard, amount of ram etc, you say the PC works fine when the vid card is not in the PC, are you saying that you can boot into windows etc without the vid card , if so then you have on board graphics which may be conflicting with the vid card you are trying to install, you need to disable the onboard graphics first, there should be an option within the bios to do this.
  3. James_c

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    thanks for someone replying,
    here is what i have:
    pentium 4
    512 mb
    160 gb hd
    i do have on board grahpics; the only option i saw was in the bios under advanced there was a graphics something tab. It was set to auto by default and i changed it to pci ext, and it still did not work the only options under the graphics somthing was: Auto, pci ext and pci-e ext. anyway it did not work. the windows screeen pops up and then the computer freezes. i have to turn it off and back on again, when i do it just gives me that black screen that wants me to boot into safe mode. :confused:
  4. monton

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    PCI card lock up

    You may need to find a jumper on the motherboard to disable the on-board graphics.

    Did you uninstall the video drivers from the original video system?
  5. James_c

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    jumpers on board

    no im gonna do that tonight i think, i hate messing around with jumpers and all that stuff, it i cant just uninstall the display drivers in gonna take it back and get a g force 5500 for like 20 bucks more
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