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Windows Installation Problems

By fad3toblack
Dec 16, 2005
  1. I had Windows XP installed on my computer, but there were many missing fiels so I decided to reinstall. During teh process, it asked me for come CD that I don't have (something about nVidia drivers, but I had already put in the driver disk from my MSI K8NNeo4 nVidia motherboard, and didn't know what that was asking for. So i hit cancel, and the installation continued.
    But, after a minute or two it asked for me to put the WIndows disk back in (the MSI drivers cd was still in), and the CD WOULDN'T EJECT! so i open up the system and unplugged the power to the cd drive, and then it would eject.
    so I put in the WIndows XP disk, but then, on the window where it says "Files Needed" and on the bottom "Copy files from" with a drop-down list below it, in that list there are: D:\, A:\, D:\i386 (which is the thing I need, I'm guessing that its a folder on the CD), and E:\. However, if I click on teh D:\i386 and hit ok, it does nothing. If I hit browse, THERE IS NO D: DRIVE ON TEH DROPDOWN MENU THERE OR UNDER "MY COMPUTER". So, I don't know what to do!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    P.S. Sorry about any typos, im on my crappy old computer, and I don't like its keyboard, I can't type right on it. I swear the keys are a different size than those of my good computer.
  2. fad3toblack

    fad3toblack TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 38

    So I just hit cancel to see what it would do, and then it continued the installation for a minute, then gave me another window like the one i already described. This time, it wanted the file "html32." Again the CD drive wasn't recognized, so I just hit cancel again and windows is "Finalizing Installation."

    Now, I believe that something similar to this happened the last time that I tried to run a repair of Windows, when I installed the HDD into my new computer (since it was overwhelmed by all the new hardware I had to reinstall it). And the reason that I was running the repair this time was to fix all the problems that I had with the computer. So I'm really not sure what to do.
  3. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Let me see if I have this right, your unplugged your optical drive while the computer was plugged in and running? that's a great way to trash your drive.

    are you using a XP disk or a "recovery disk? because what you are describing sounds like your either using a recovery disk or trying to do a half a$$ed install of XP from within windows instead of booting from the XP Cd and doing a clean install after reformatting.
  4. fad3toblack

    fad3toblack TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 38

    Yea, I know - I just couldn't think of what to do, and anyway the drive wasn't actually doing anything, the cd was just sitting in it.

    Sorry that I wasn't clear about that. I am using a Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade CD, and when it was in I went to the first option, which I believe is to install Windows, then once you're there you can choose to either repair windows or format the entire HD. I did not do the reformat because I do not want to lost all my files/installed stuff. The repair is supposed to replace all the Windows files, some of which I am positive that I am missing.

    Now, just so you know - after I hit cancel on the second "files needed" window, the installation finished. But then, it was on a screen that said "loading", which was surrounded by the usual stuff that is there when it says "Windows XP Home Edition" and has the little green bar that shows that Windows is loading (basically, the screen before the Welcome screen apprears). However, thi screen was up for about half an hour, so finally I just restarted my computer manually (with the button on my case), and then Windows came up as normal. I am currently using that computer. And I still have the many problems that I had before. If you want to see the thread that included all those problems, click here.

    Also, I just wanted to say - you seem to be treating me as an ***** to computers, yet I have just built my own and have repaired many. I know what I'm doing, im just not good at explaining things.
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