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Windows Problems...... I think

By Jimbo420
Apr 6, 2006
  1. To start off with this is a bit of a continued discussion from this [url]thread[/url]. When I was at first thinking that my problem had something to do with AVG causing problems. Well I have moved on from there thinking this is more a windows/possible HDD problem now. I hope I have this thread in the right place.

    Anyway I was going to start off the day by formatting the drive as mentioned in the other thread to hopefully fix the problem. I was thinking about some stuff last night. About how my computer problems really got started all when I hooked a hooked up a second monitor to my card for a dual monitor set up. After about a week I had it working again pretty well until I installed some software called Ultramon that I found out about here. Taking off the second monitor, uninstalling the software, and running Running the computer for a while to see if there was any difference.

    I was using it pretty well in the morning and left off of it for a few hours as I went to go do other things around the house. I came back started up a game and almost right away rebooted on me. When I cam back in I was going to check to see if I got any minidumps or something of that nature, but before I could the mouse froze and the nothing was happening. So I hit the reset switch. Opon coming back into windows a scan disk started on its own and did a three section test. I don't remember what the different sections where but did think it was odd because the last time I did a scan disk there was 5 tests. Anyway it did find some problems and looked as if the computer fixed them. I didn't see exactly what they were because they flashed off the screen so quickly. Right after getting back to the desktop I set up another scan disk to see if it would run the full thing this time and find othe errors. After rebooting it told me the disk was clean and went right to the desktop.

    After that the comptuer was running very slowly. I was about to pull up the disk defraggmentor thinking that maybe the reason was because the earlier scan disk moved some files and fragmented something. Before I could do that another reboot. When the desktop comes back still slow and I get another freeze. So this time I get back to the desk top I was able to set up a full scan disk and it is running right now. Taking a while because of the 320GB drive I have.

    I am not so sure about the psu anymore because during a lot of this I checked the voltages in Bios and everything looked normal. Now with this running slow and more frequent and even more random reboots I am starting to suspect Windows even more.

    Anyone else have any ideas? Probobly get started on the format in the morning but if there is something I should check before doing that let me know. I am pretty sure with all the rebooting I need to format anyway because I am sure that windows is starting to get messed up but I want to make sure that things work when I get everything reinstalled again.
  2. Jimbo420

    Jimbo420 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 356

    So the more and more people I talk to looks more like this a hardware problem not something do with windows after all. So I guess this thread can be deleted or at least closed. Espcially since no one replied anyway.

    Looks like I am going shopping for some new parts.
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