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Mar 31, 2008
  1. I have 2 HDD, one is a 250 gb IDE and another is a 250 gb SATA. The IDE has Windows Xp and the SATA had windows vista. But when one of my RAM failed windows gave the wrong error message so I used chkdsk which automatic, to fix the problem, delete system files.I had to reinstall windows xp, but when I did that I deleted the vista boot over writing it with the xp boot. The IDE windows xp hdd works great, but I can't detected the other Sata hdd at all and when I try to switch the Mobo(Intel d915gev) into legacy mode so it can use the sata hdd, it pops up an 114 error before I can even get it to boot anything. So I cant detect it to re partition it in normal mode and I can't use the windows cd to repartition it in legacy mode.Help?!?
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    Maybe unplug the Xp drive first, before continuing

    To fix the "BOOTMGR is missing" error, try this:

    1. Boot to the Vista installation DVD
    2. Choose "Repair Your Computer"
    3. Choose "Command Prompt"
    4. Run "bootrec /fixboot" (no quotes). This will re-write the Windows Vista boot sector code.
    5. Reboot - Vista will now start up normally.
  3. greyguile

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    Sorry it took me awhile to get back and try that out, but I'm sad to say that even with the IDE cable unplugged from the other harddrive my motherboard still throws up a error 114 before I can't get to Vista setup.
  4. kimsland

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    So you still have the Vista Drive in then.

    The error is stated to be faulty partition.
    Please download Gparted bootable CD, and repair the Partition
  5. greyguile

    greyguile TS Rookie Topic Starter

    actually I found out why and it's pretty stupid.Intel states on their trouble shooting section for my motherboard that if you are using usb keyboards and mouses that you may have to have the motherboard set to legacy drive mode. So when I changed it to enhanced mode to detect the SATA drive and install Vista my mouse and keyboard was giving my motherboard that 114 error message.I just got my old mouse and keyboard out of the closet and now Vista is installed once again. Hopefully I can find and update or something to fix the problem, or it may have already fixed itself now that the boot is whole again.Boy that was stupid.
  6. kimsland

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    Thank-you for the update.
    USB connected can cause this (during Windows install), I must remember to state this
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