Windows Vista Memory Tweak Guide

Julio Franco

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With every release of a new operating system come new demands and Windows Vista is by large no exception to this rule.

There are several relevant components to the Windows memory subsystem. In this guide we will put special emphasis on the hard drive, processor and RAM, taking you through a variety of settings to optimally configure these and hopefully end up with an overall smoother running system.

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Please make a printable version of this article. This is really useful if you want to make the optimizations on another comp.


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Nice article! I feel Vista to be running a bit smoother now thanks to some of the tweaks. I think the page file tweak basically did it for me. Great idea and keep up the good work! :grinthumb


I think your article is basically "stick to the defaults and move/adjust your pagefile as appropriate", no?

Vista usually determines the best visual performance settings based on your performance base score and sets them appropriately so either most people forget to run the performance check (right click Computer > Properties > Performance link at the bottom left) or they have system managed pagefiles with 2 or more hard drives and could move it to a different drive for slightly faster performance.

I was hoping to find some way to manually adjust the amount of memory Vista uses as Cache because I would like some but I don't want to completely disable it. I want more physical memory available to programs, and I didn't see that in your article.