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Apr 17, 2009
  1. I recently installed call of duty 4 on my pc, I was playing it today and I recieved a text message from a friend that he was going to be home soon and that me and him should play multiplier. I texted him back and said fine. When I was exiting the level the system locked up and wouldn't respond to me. I thought no big deal this stuff happens. I pushed the power button on the tower until the machine powered down. I pushed the power button to start it up and I recieved an error saying that something in my system folder was corrupted. It asked me to put in the OS cd and restart. I did what the machine asked me and I ended up restoring the pc back yesturday. After that was done I restarted the pc and it could load. The problem is that the PC load time is painfully slow. I used to be able to load in about a min. to two mins. now its taking about 4-7 mins. When the OS hits the desktop I get a RunDll32 run error as well. I tried to go back to another restore point but it doesn't fix the problem. I tried to use the SFC command in the CD recover options but it would not do anything. When the system fully loads up everything takes double the amount of time to get going. I got the SFC to work but it couldn't find any problems. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

    My system specs.
    Duo Core AMD 3.2 GHz
    GeForce 9800 GT
    4 gig of RAM
    Vista Business
  2. rev_olie

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    If i was you i would just try and get CCleaner going on there. Do the system scan and then the registry scan and see if it deletes or picks up on anything and it should speed things up.

  3. corbett_1989

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    Well I ran CCleaner but no luck. I did fine what the rundll32 was running at startup and it was running something for nvidia so I turned that off. It seemed to boost things up but I'm still suffering from painfully slow start up time. I can get to the welcome\log on screen at the normal speed but when I put in my password it takes forever to get to the desktop and theres a long black pause in between
  4. rev_olie

    rev_olie TS Guru Posts: 560

    With you saying its something from Nvidia you think is causing the run DLL error then that suggest you most probably have a bad or incorrect driver installed on your system.

    What i suggest you do is if you can is turn off your PC and look inside. Look at your graphics card and try and find a serial or product number. Then go to the nvidia website and try and find the latest driver install.

    Then log back onto your slow PC normally (i know it takes a while) and then install the new driver you downloaded.

    It may not necessarily be the PC which is slow just the graphics which may suggest the black screen.
  5. corbett_1989

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    Well I did follow what you said and there was an improvement...there's still a bit of a delay situation during the load up to the desktop but its overall back to normal. Though the rundll32 error is back so I decided to turn that off on start up.Unless there is something that will eliminate that brief delay I say this one is solved. Thanks for your help.
  6. rev_olie

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    Well in my opinion it would solve the slow start up. There is nothing so far cluttering the system, the driver seems to have sorted the main issue so its probably just an abnormality causing the delay.

    If you want to leave it that's fine but you may as well sort it while you here.

    Whats actually causing it? and what did you disable to stop it?.

    This is just the simple question you need to ask and then what ever it is find a new version and re download.

    If it was something from Nvidia again, just as an example then you probably have a problem with one of the power management tools or something or the sorts.

    So basically search for the name of the start up and find a new download. Or if you cant find one then post the name here and IL have a look for you.
  7. corbett_1989

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    The two things I disabled was Nvidia compatible Windows Vista Display Driver, Version 182.50 and Nvidia Media Center Library. Nothing really changed when I did that except that I didn't get the Rundll32 error on step up. Reinstalling the drivers got my games to startup quicker, I admit that the drivers might have been part of the problem, but I think we got that fixed by installing the drivers again. I'm thinking another program is trying to run rundll32 during the black pause and it can't which is causing the system to delay.
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    .dll errors are almost impossible to correct because behind one error there is always another, believe me short of restoring all the .dll files that it asks you to which culd be into the thousands. reformat the drive ad start from scratch or fix all the .dll files sry if tht isnt much help
  9. corbett_1989

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    Well, I woke up this morning and found the same error during startup so I've decided that I'm just going to reformat the pc and start from scratch. Thanks for the help everybody
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