Windows XP - 5 minute delay after logging in

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Feb 8, 2010
  1. OS Windows XP with SP3
    P4 workstation with 80GB HD

    the workstation boots up fine without any problems if I enter my user ID and password within 5 to 10 seconds the logon screen disappears as it should and there is a blank blue screen with the cursor. I am unable to do anything. this stays for 5 minutes and then my desktop appears and I can work as normal. This is the same problem in Safe Mode.

    If I don't login right away the logon screen freezes for the same amount of time and then I'm allowed to login and it goes to the desktop right away.

    I hope someone can help..

  2. pjamme

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    First open MSconfig and disable everything in Startup and then click on Services Tab and check box "Hide Microsoft" and disable everything here, reboot your computer to see if the problem persists, if it does go to step B. If it boots ifine the slowly add back start up and services to find bad actor.

    Step B. If you are not logging on to a network then it is possible you have damaged or missing windows files. Try running SFC /Scannow. This is the Windows System File Checker, it will ask for a Windows CD unless it was installed from a Restore volume.

    Step C. If you are logging on to a network then you should contact your network system administrator as ther e are a multitude of things to cause slowdown.
  3. jxs336

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    thanks I will try out these suggestions and let you know of the results. it will take a day or two.

  4. jgf

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    Have no solutions but had the same problem with XP SP2 on my old system. Though it didn't occur til after I'd installed a 320gig HD as slave. Installed no software with the drive, just plugged it in, started the system and formatted it. Tried everything I, and several forums, could think of no avail. Finally just learned to live with that ridiculous delay in the system start (two years later and an upgrade to XP PRO SP3 and I still have time for my morning ablutions and making a cup of tea before I hear the windows start sound).
  5. jxs336

    jxs336 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    strange...I have a 80GB HD as my primary and 40GB as my slave using SATA connection. I also have upgraded my memory from 1GB to 3GB. I had booted up and everything worked fine. I then tried to remove Trend Micro Office Scan software and was following instructions online. it still was booting and logging in fine with no delay but then when I installed McAfee and my internet stopped working I then did a system restore. That's when I noticed the delay of abnout 5 minutes when I logged in. Everything works fine just have a 5 minute delay before I login.

    is there a way or utility that can remove Trend Micro Office Scan and McAfee I believe those two are the problem. I've tried control panel and the uninstall utility and no luck it asks for a stupid password I've modified the *.ini to change the password to 70 so I only have to enter 1 when it asks for a password but that didn't work. I hope someone can help....
  6. jgf

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    Just a thought, could Trend or McAfee be doing an automatic full disk scan on startup?
  7. pjamme

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