Windows XP and Sound Blaster Live

By digia
Jul 9, 2005
  1. I just installed Windows XP and I am unable to get my Sound Blaster Live card working. I ran a pciscan utility and the card is visible. The card works fine in FreeBSD as this is a dual boot computer. Thus I know it's not hardware but software related specific to XP. I tried installing the Creative live drivers from but after unpacking the files, it says it failed to find the card. I also tried installing the generic drivers off of the XP CD but that also fails saying no suitable drivers were found. Onboard sound is turned off. Below I have listed the relevant information. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
    ASUSTeK Computer INC. A7N8X2.0 REV 1.xx

    Craig Hart's PCI+AGP bus sniffer, Version 1.2, freeware made in 1996-2005.
    Searching for PCI Devices using Configuration Mechanism 1 [NT/2K/XP/etc Method]

    Vendor 1102h Creative Labs
    Device 0002h EMU10K1 Audio Chipset (SB Live!)
    Command 0005h (I/O Access, BusMaster)
    Status 0290h (Has Capabilities List, Supports Back-To-Back Trans., Medium Timing)
    Revision 0Ah, Header Type 80h, Bus Latency Timer F8h
    Minimum Bus Grant 02h, Maximum Bus Latency 14h
    Self test 00h (Self test not supported)
    PCI Class Multimedia, type Audio
    Subsystem ID 80661102h SB0220 SBLive! 5.1 Digital
    Subsystem Vendor 1102h Creative Labs
    Address 0 is an I/O Port : 0000A000h
    System IRQ 7, INT# A
    New Capabilities List Present:
    Power Management Capability, Version 1.0
    Supports low power State D1
    Supports low power State D2
    Does not support PME# signalling
    Current Power State : D0 (Device operational, no power saving)
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