Windows XP (compact flash version)

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Apr 13, 2010
  1. I have managed to create a cut downversion of Xp using nLite, the CF boots o.k from my computer via adaptor, but will not boot from the industrial PC I am repairing although I have successfully booted Windows 2000 (unfortunately this does not support the software I want to run), the unit may be unfamiliar with you (B&R Automation).
    All that happens with Xp in this unit is you get the dashed bar accross the bottom of the screen goes half way then reboots, this repeats after the failure to boot screen comes up (option of safe mode etc. also does not work nor boot to command line). I have looked at the setting in the BIOS and cannot find anything unusual, (although I have tried several settings).
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    If the USB drive is bootable, you will need to make sure that the BIOS is configured to boot from USB devices (first in boot order) but... why are you trying to install a stripped version of XP? It's much less painful to just use an OEM disk.
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    Its not USB as stated its a Compact flash card, and yes the BIOS is loooking for the card first (it has the option in BIOS). As far as stripping Xp, its because its being used on an industrial PC (therefore nogames, fancy bits) also its on a 1GB card.
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    What files are included? (Or excluded, whichever is shorter.)
  5. duxbury

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    As said prevoiusly all the fancy bits have gone, games, defrag, etc, but all the essential files are there, (boots o.k from a normal computer).
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    Computer Specifications

    What are your computer specifications?
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    A few days ago I changed my OS with Windows XP (compact flash version). Windows XP is easy and speedy to use. Any person can handle a computer with this XP. Advantage of this compact flash are much faster access time, less heat genrated and does not genrate any noise.
  8. superty12

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    Do you have a problem with XP anymore?
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    I use nLite a lot, great program but has limitations. Cannot be used for Windows 7.

    It is imperative that you use a specific CD to create each nlite or Winlite.iso. You cannot use one for anything other than what it was created for.
    For example if it is a Dell OEM XP Pro then it can only be used on that particular Dell. If it is a computer with a Restore partition then I have found I am pretty much out of luck, even though I have an XP Restore CD from Hp as the partition is Vista Business.

    That said, what OS does your industrial PC use?
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    Re: Xp compact version

    Its quite funny that nobody is actually reading the thread properly, it states that I am using Xp, and I am still having trouble with it booting up from the flash card (although boots up fine from a normal computer using the adaptor).The computer as stated before is an industrial unit, made by B&R Industrial Automation Ltd. Ihave tried contacting them but being such a small fry and dont want to spend a few thousand with them they are not interested.
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    I meant the model. There are lots of industrial PC's on B&R Automation's page. Also, what Service Pack (if one) level are you using? We need the model.
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    I find it kind of weird.
    Might be unlucky, but its most likely that no one who has read this has any ideas.
    Not strictly their/my fault, its just a weird situation. In my experience, booting off USB flash memory is iffy.
  13. duxbury

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    Re: Model number

  14. duxbury

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    SP2 service pack
  15. eagleflow

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    I have a problem with flashplayer ,can somebody help me :)
  16. mailpup

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    eagleflow, I recommend that you post your question separately in the appropriate forum and describe the problem you are having. Without knowing the problem, TechSpot members might find it difficult to know whether or not they can help you.
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