Windows XP home disk

By Mr Freeze
Oct 28, 2007
  1. I have a PC which has windows XP home installed.
    I have the key but unfortunately do not posses the original install disk.
    I do however have a XP home OEM version disk.

    I want to do a format and re-install the OS.

    My question is can i use the OEM disk and simply input the other key that goes with that PC.

    The PC is unbranded as such but in the system details there is a "Cisnet" logo and name where it gives details of the OS and Ram etc.

    I understand that this means the windows installed may be a mass volume edition and the OEM disk will not work with the key i have.

    Is there anyway i can make a new install disk with a combination of whats on the PC and on the OEM disk. Remember i have none of the original disks.

    If possible, *****s guide please.
  2. Nodsu

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    In what form do you have the key? If it's a sticker on the ocmputer, then it is an OEM key and will work with an OEM CD. If it is on a pretty piece of paper, then it is a "retail" key and will work with a retail CD. If it is scribbled on a random piece of paper, then your copy of Windows is pirated and you are not allowed to use it anyway.
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