Windows XP install is in horrible shape

By madcatmk2123
Jun 1, 2007
  1. Hi, I went to use my computer today and noticed that it was acting real slow on windows loading and when I ran my spyware, it kept crashing though before it crashed once, I noticed something about virus check override in the registry. I was going to do a virus check next, but noticed the last one was a few days ago so I figured it was fine. I left it and when my sister went to log on it froze, so she restarted and we got a disk boot failure. After a few restarts I opened the case and found the power plug was a little loose in one spot, so I twist tied it down and restarted.

    After I restarted and windows starts to load I get a 0x000000ED, UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME. So I use her laptop like I am now and go to windows support that says to do a BIOS setting reset and if that doest work do a chkdsk /r in recovery console. I skipped the BIOS reset and went to the chkdsk. The first time I tried it, halfway through the startup of loading drivers with the XP cd, I get a 0x0000007B error. So I restart again and try a virus check with the Norton cd, but it only checks A: and never mentions c:. So I retry the XP CD and it gets to the options screen this time. I do recovery console and when I run chkdsk /r, it gives me: "windows volume has one or more unrecoverable problems". Now I"m left without ideas, and my dad thinks it could be a virus, but it worked fine all day yesterday and as far as I know, no one has even used email, much less downloaded something. Any ideas on how to fix this without reinstalling windows once again?
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