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Windows XP Installation freezing during the "Preparing Installation" phase

By Bugbum
Oct 20, 2007
  1. Hello i am new to these boards and was looking around for the answer to why my XP cds are always freezing during the install at the "preparing installation phase"

    I had to re format my computer due to the fact my USB got corrputed and no matter what I had to fix that problem it wouldn't fix so last resort was to re format. Well I had a win xp pro SP2 FULL install CD and when trying to re install Win XP with that CD it would get to the part to agree to the User Agreement and lock up. So I went ahead and used my Win98SE CD and it installed fine on my computer and have not yet installed any other drivers or updates for the win98SE OS yet so just went straight to using my WinXP Home SP2 UPDATE install CD and it locks up everytime at the "preparing install" when the computer reboots after copying the files.

    So I have looked and looked for numerous solutions to this problem and the only one I had found was the removing the anti virus solution but I have no other programs installed on my PC yet and no updates.

    So I had also read to make sure my CDs are good, well I went ahead and tried to see about copying all my files off the CD to a folder on the computer and run setup that way. The files copied to a folder just fine with no read errors but samething happened when running the install. I thought I would post this to see what other people had come up with and see if they found a solution to this. I will try to update my Win98SE OS to see if that helps and let you know what happens then. But for now would like to see what other people have had problems like this similar to mine?


    AMD XP 2100
    512 DDR ram
    Seagate 100GB HDD
    ATI 9500 Gaphics Card
    Creative Sound Blaster Auidgy LS
  2. Bugbum

    Bugbum TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Well I got my computer hooked up to the internet with still win98 installed and tried to update the win98se os files but microsofts website is down I guess and wouldn't let me. So I installed my video card drivers and ran winxp home setup again and updated setup files and to no avail still locking up after the first reboot when it is "Copying Installation Files" phase. Stopped a little earlier unlike last time. I did also check it on other computers before and they have worked....weird and boggles my mind!!
  3. Bugbum

    Bugbum TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Well after many times playing around with the software I finally got it to work.

    After careful realization it seems my CPU for some reason was over heating and could be due to the size of my tower and not enough vent going through the case..I need to upgrade my tower and get a better cooling system.

    HAH....sorry to bother you all :)
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