Windows Xp Installation Problems

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Jul 21, 2005
  1. Im having some Windows XP installation problems.

    PC stats:

    1.3 GHz Processor

    256 MB RAM.


    15.4 GB hard disk(Windows XP only on it, now)

    3 GB hard disk(Windows 98 upgrade, old PC files)

    40.0 GB hard disk(irrevelant files, i want to format it to use as storage space)

    #1: CPU OVERLOAD: under normal conditions, my CPU has a full load. ALthough no applications are running, it had 100% usage, and i dont know how to lower it. it makes everything pretty slow. I dont have anything on the hard disk except for XP. I know for a fact that my PC can handle XP. It is brand new. From the moment i turned on the PC, and throughout Setup, and even after, the H.D.D light remains lit. WHY?

    The only thing i cant think of is that I installed XP using the NTFS file system on a 15.4 Hard disk accidently, when i should've used the FAT32 file system. If thats the problem how can i fix it?

    (if all else fails and i have to reinstall windows, i want to do it on my 40 GB hard disk. How can i format it to clear it of any files and what not on it so i make a clean New installation of XP?)

    #2: HARDWARE CONFLICT: I had a hardware conflict during setup. IT didnt influence the installation process i dont think. it said that the hardware called "System" was invalid. What is "System", and how can i fix it?

    #3: MY PC DOESNT RECOGNIZE MY DVD-ROM: well actually, my BIOS does recognize the DVD-ROM. I wouldnt have been able to install Windows without it. But on windows itself, although it recognizes the Floppy Disk drive, it does not recognize the DVD-ROM drive. how come? how can i fix this?

    #4: SOUND DOESNT WORK: ALthough my speakers are hooked up correctly, turned on, and brand new, and i know i my motherboard has a sound card, my sound is not working. How can i make it work?

    Keep in mind that when i bought this AMD Duron computer, i fried the motherboard and had to replace it. I hooked up the new motherboard (which was the same as the fried one) manually. If it is a wire configuration problem with the sound, what are the instructions for hooking up the sound wires correectly?

    If you cant answer all of these puzzlers, maybe u can answer a few of them. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  2. plankboi

    plankboi TS Rookie

    Similar problems

    I was using xp on my current system until the hard drive started acting up. I saved all my information and tried to reformat and reinstall XP Pro. I proceeded to pretty much destroy 2 hard drives in the process. Lack of expertise I'm sure is the root problem. For some reason my system will go through the whole process right up until it reaches the 9 minutes remaining point. Just before it would start to save the settings. I press shift-f10 and the command prompt says c:\windows\system32\inetsrv>

    Dont know what that means at all. SO I tried reading the setupact.log and it takes so long to get to the last line I give up. I have tried probably 30 times to reinstall XP. This happens also on my other pc wich is a very weak system to begin with. Stops at 9 minutes to none the less. I borrowed my friends pc and what do you know... 2 times in a row I managed to install xp without a problem. The first time I put the drive back into my system and it said ntldr is missing. I searched the web for solutions and none of them worked. I keep getting the blue screen of death or nothing at all. So I realize that its not set up for my system so it wont load, and its really ticking me off all this effort for nothing. Does anybody know anything about this problem? I am seriously going to take my motherboard and smash it with a hammer. It would feel so good, but my brother would be very upset since I got it from him. Please help me before I cause a brother to disown me. Could it be the powersource? I know that its not in the greatest shape. Pieces that have come out and sometimes if its not setting in the right way no power goes to the component. I know its very unsafe and I am working on resolving this.

    System info that I know of:

    Motherboard- ECS K7S5A (revision 4 with xp compatability)
    Processor- AMD Athlon 900mz
    RAM- 2 sticks.. 1 is 64mb and 1 is 128mb(I guess they are sdram?)
    I also have an additional 2 sticks of ram that I want to use(both are 256mb of sdram?)
    Thats all I can think of, if you need more info let me know and how to find it.

    XP ran great before all this. I just procrastinated and allowed my hard drive to become very unstable before I decided to take action. Funny thing is, I accidentally ruined that one by uplugging it and plugging it back in while not realizing the power was on still. Shorted it out I guess? Now it wont even register in BIOS. My stupidity strikes again. I could go on and on about it, but you get the drift. Help this ***** out. I appreciate it!!
  3. saurabh chadha

    saurabh chadha TS Rookie

    1) Cpu Overload:- try to see through the task manager under the process tab which application is using the CPU maximum.
    try to end the process tree of that particular applications.
    you also need to go to the msconfig utility uncheck all those applications which you think is not for your use. because these applications runs in the background.
    uninstall any thrid party installation softwares.
    try to run spyware, anti virus also.
    once you remove any kind of the virus and spyware.
    if the problem solves out keep these softwares.
    if not try to uninstall them also.
    also u need to check out the services.
    run the chkdsk.exe /f

    if nothing solves out
    again install the WIN xp with another Diffrent CD.

    installing the win xp on the NTFS volume is not a problem. you have done all thing right.

    if you want to format your 40 gb hdd. but before that you want to sav eyour files. you can do two things

    1. make you 40 gb hdd as a slave of properly working system and you can have a back to that system.

    2. as you are saying that you are having the file on that hdd.
    you can also do upgrade installation of winxp to that hdd.
    it will be just like your's fresh installation. after upgrading run the defragmentation and check disk.

    this time try to install win xp from and other WIN xp cd.
  4. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    any device that's not running or not recognized, needs the "device drive" installed. find the drivers and install them.
  5. URANium238

    URANium238 TS Rookie Posts: 32

    Alidabiri, win xp automatically recognizes installed hardware, though you do need to install the drivers

    p.s. I just now realized, this thread is like half a year old
  6. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    that's what i just said!!!!
    i realized it too. but, why is this showing up at the top of the list of postings?
  7. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    that's not necessarily true. have you ever seen "unknow device" with a yellow exclamation sign on top of the device? that means xp didn't recognize it, or doesn't know what the heck it is.
  8. saurabh chadha

    saurabh chadha TS Rookie


    Your statement is true. but it needs to be rectify a little bit.

    you posted

    any device that's not running or not recognized, needs the "device driver's" installed. find the drivers and install them.

    i am just going to be pointed out on the NOT RUNNING area.
    Because it is a little confusing try to explain.

    any device which is not running that doesn't mean it needs drivers.
    that device can be Disable also,or that device might not be working (hardware failure).
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