Windows XP Keeps Restarting...please help

By Cillian
Feb 7, 2010
  1. About 2 days ago I was away from my computer when it restart itself. It does that after updates so I thought nothing of it. Now since that restart, its been stuck in an endless restarting cycle.

    First I get the error screen asking if I'd like to start in safe mode, last known good configuration, or start windows normally. All have the same effect. Windows will start to load, but never gets to the user login screen. Just restarts mid-way. Also, right before the restart I see a blue screen, but its only there for half a second. It disappears too quickly to read.

    Im using an HP Media Center PC, a1250n to be exact, a bit old but it has a new video card, power supply and extra ram.

    Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank You.
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