Windows XP Pro 0x00000024 + Hnoppix

By Ric_1983
Jan 2, 2007
  1. hey guys i need help before i throw the mini tower in the street........

    I installed the windows xp pro was working fine to start with.... i then tryed installing the serivce packs both of them.....i then installed a game and during the game i got from memory a 0x0000007E which ive checked and mite be my vid card i think its a abit 1950x express or something... so then i rebooted and im getting the 0x00000024 so i looked here and found out about knoppix so i downloaded it and burnt it to cd etc... worked fine i get into the linux program fine i followed ---->

    i get to the su fine and cfdisk then i get sreen and get the sda1 as my hdd which is 320gb and says ntfs... so i go back and type ntfsfix /dev/sda1/ as its got i nthe addy above it says its been processed etcc and that is ok n checked etc... so i then i dont understand what he means by 9. Do this and replace hda1 with all occurences on your list.? i close hnoppix and reboot then change back to boot from HDD but nothing i still get boot disk failure insert boot disk i have got no cd's or floppies in the drives so what is going on with the machine ? its brand new core 2 pentiums 2gig ram dvd burner ati 1950x express vid card onboard sound 320 seagate raid/sata Hdd.... im stuck....
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