Windows XP Pro Startup Delays

By Wouter
Dec 9, 2004
  1. After upgrading my Windows XP to SP2 my system gets a blue screen before logon (both after installing XP SP2 from CD or after Internet upgrade). Impossible to run, so I had to fall back to XP SP1. I re-installed XP and upgraded to SP1. My system works now OK but startup takes about 1.5 minutes. It hangs with a message "Windows startup .." Now I ran a Windows 64bit version from my IDE disk (this could not be installed on my SATA disk as Windows 64 edition does not support SATA disks for my Shuttle AMD 64 System), and there is no delay. So I assume the delay is caused by the loading of drivers for my SATA disk. In the hardware profile the harddisk is identified as a SCSI disk, which it is not. How can I make XP change the driver, or is there possibly another reason for the delay?
  2. jstillion

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    I've notice slowdowns in boot up with SP2. I think this is the new normal. What I would do is make sure your hardware drivers are up to date, espcially any disc controler / motherboard drivers.
  3. Wouter

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    XP Startup delay

    I haven't installed XP SP2 yet as that crashed on me. In fact I wanted to go back to where I was before installing SP2. That all went well except for the startup delays. I haven't changed any drivers so it should work. I have however with the installations every time used the R(epair) option in order for me to keep my settings. In the installation process of SP2 and later SP1 drivers might have been overwritten. I re-installed the motherboard drivers but without any result.
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