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Oct 3, 2004
  1. I'm hoping somebody can help me here. Two Windows XP problems.

    First problem: I'd like to reinstall Windows XP but my CD drive is on the blink. I've managed to copy my reinstall disk (Dell) to my hard drive through a network. Is there someway I can reinstall (repair) using my hard drive rather than the CD??

    Second problem: I've got a phantom program that shows up when I close Windows. I get a "close program" window showing a program named "Sample". I don't know what this is. I searched the registry and my hard drive - no such program or file exists. I logged my shutdown and the problem occurs when I think Windows is trying to do an auto-update - something like WUAutoUpdateAtShutdown. To make things worse, it now shows up twice - whatever I did to get it there once, I must have duplicated (I went to the Windows update site and pushed a button saying I wanted auto updates turned on - maybe that has something to do with it...). Can anyone help?

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    A solution to the first problem: Get a bootdisk (if the computer has a floppy drive) and boot to DOS, then go to the directory you copied XP files (for example, d:\i386), start winnt.exe. If the partition is NTFS you'll need a boot floppy with NTFS support.
  3. Hangman

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    Ditto to the first problem.

    Although, if you really want to fix both problems with a single stone (depends on how you look at it) :D Go to getto-mart and pick up a $16.00 (+/- a penny or two) CD drive and plug the sucker in. Create a floppy boot disk with the parameters to the cd drive, fdisk the hard drive, recreate a clean partition, format it and reinstall the OS. Couple hours tops. :) Best cleanup there is.
  4. Liquidlen

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    Hangman is right pop in new CD drve , But don't bother with floppy creation etc .Just re-install with your Dell Cd it can perform all of the disk preparation for you.
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    WU AutoUpdate is M$'s automatic updater in the background. It may indeed have duplicated itself.
    As you are reinstalling, don't worry about it.

    And by the way, Welcome to TechSpot.
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