winmgmt.exe trouble

By Patosan
Mar 13, 2006
  1. Recently my win ME seems to be having trouble with WMI running, at least I think that's the problem.
    I've had the same pc and OS for nearly 6 years but never had this trouble. For the moment I can get around the problem but not stop it.

    After ScanDisk I get blue screen, then Alt/Ctl/Del gives error messages about winmgmt.exe & Msgsrv32.
    I can get SU if I Cancel at the earliest point during Scandisk.
    Not doing Scandisk will give normal SU & shut down.

    I read somewhere of people having similar experiences, claiming it to be caused by Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). A suggested fix was to disable WMI thru My Computer(right click) / Manage / Services and Applications / Services. However I can't find these so am so far unable to even try that option.

    So my questions are :
    1. Do you think my symptoms seem like WMI being on ?
    2. How can I disbale WMI or stop it running ?
    3. Can you direct me to site / person who could assist ?

    Have a good one
  2. Patosan

    Patosan TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 35

    I have found the cause of my win Me trouble and thought I should post in the remote chance that others experience the same fate.

    I had been focussed on the symptom : winmgmt.exe trouble, without being able to nail down the cause. Finally I stumbled onto the cause when reading some notes by Jack Gulley in "Windows ME Fixes": there is a design fault in ME regarding memory size. When istalling ME RAM must be 512 or less, extra can be added after installation. Mine had been 128 then I added extra 256 a few months ago giving 384 total, which is under 512 but apparently still enough to trigger the trouble.

    Solution remove extra RAM, reinstall ME, yet again, no more trouble. Later added extra RAM and still no trouble. So it's relevent to intallation time only. What a pain ... but over.

    In the meantime I have bought XP SP2 and will install that after some time, I've spent way too mauch time recently on this situation. I'm sure I'll be back with questions about getting XP to work well on my pc ... till then.
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