Winxp Cant Activate?

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Jul 20, 2002
  1. Ok...i have windows xp, and i have the ORIGINAL cd key that came wiht THIS EXACT CD. But when i try to activate it, it says that it cant connect to activation server, and to check my network settings. ?? Anyone know how this happend?
  2. StormBringer

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    I suppose your network settings are correct and you are able establish connections(meaning you can connect to the Internet)

    How many times have you tried? The server could be experiencing problems.

    Try checking the Windows Knowledge Base at MS's website and see if an answer is there. You could also call them and Activate by phone.
  3. guyferd

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    Activation Key

    Hi.. I have a question about windows XP. what's is activation key? And what is the function of this key? If I install winXP, and then connect to the Internet to get Activation Key, do I have to get a new key after some period of time? - I mean... do I have to get a new key after.. maybe after 3 months.. so i must get the key every 3 months.. or something like that.

  4. Rick

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    If you cannot connect, you should be able to call Microsoft and get it over the phone without any problems.

    The purpose of the activation key is keep people from using Windows XP without paying for it. So the only way you can get a legitamate activation key is to give Microsoft a legitimate CD-key.

    You will only need one, providing your system stays about the same. There are no time limits that I'm aware of... Changing your hardware configuration significantly for Windows XP Home edition will cause Windows XP to ask you for a new activation key, however. I think Windows XP Professional is supposed to be a little more lenient on requiring new keys.
  5. TS | Thomas

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    Yeah, just call microsoft in that case with the numbers they provide. Should have zero problems with that.
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