WinXP Laptop Sound Problems And Modem

By generalsnake
Jul 15, 2007
  1. Hi! I'm new here and this is my first post and well, I got a old laptop today (WinXP-HP) and I'm not computer smart sorry,I'm 15 and barely know much about PC's.The laptop I got for some reason doesn't play any sounds except system EX: incorrect messages, ETC. I check the sound and audio hardware and I have Audio Codecs,Legacy Audio Drivers,Media Control Devices,Legacy Video Capture Devices, and Video codecs.There is no "X" or "!" next to it and they all work fine.I need assistance if u will and if I'm missing a driver or whatever do I have to buy one or download one and which one . One more thing I have another PC and I use Netzero Dial up On it.I installed Netzero on the laptop but when I try to connect it says you have no Modem or it is already in use.My PC has a modem ( I don't Know exactly what a modem is) and I checked the Laptop and it says I have none could someone tell me wat a modem is and why I cant use the Netzero on my laptop, and lastly if a modem is downloadable could someone tell me where. Thank You for your time,Christian
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