WinXp OS stops at Loading Screen after reformat

Jun 18, 2005
  1. I recently placed a DVD-rom drive into my computer. After three days of searching for it's dirvers, I gave up on it. I then went to play Knights of the Old Republic. It proceeded to freeze, and after many valiants attempts to close the program, I gave up and simply performed a hard shutdown. Upon turning it on again it simply stopped at the loading screen. I tried several troubleshooters to fix this, but no dice. In sheer exasperation, I reformatted the drive. (I am but a simple man. As much as I'm interested in learning to code, I am not wise in the ways of computers, and demand instant gratification from my system.) Now, after I had finished this, I removed the last floppy from the drive, left the windows XP CD in the drive, and let the system restart. It soon reached the loading screen, and went no farther.

    Now, can anyone tell me what I did wrong and what I can do to fix this?
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