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Nov 14, 2002
  1. Hey all,

    I just upgraded to win xp pro sp1 from windows ME. It all works great except my cd burner doesnt burn cds all the way and after I log in the computer freezes until these certain services load. They are either svchost.exe, pctsplk.exe, dllhost.exe, or the cd writer imap service. It will go and show the desktop, stall for like 30 seconds to a few minutes, then finally load the other services and work fine. Can someone help me out on this? I have read the service article on what to set them to. I already did all that, but this started before I ever messed with the services. Also I have a yamaha external burner and I am using nero 5.5.7 burning rom to burn with. If someone can help please do, thanks.
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    Well to start things off you might need to update your via 4 in 1 drivers. Those can be found at

    As far as the computer loading slow, I have experienced this problem from time to time, and to tell you the truth, I didn't change anything on purpose and it finally started loading faster.

    So maybe someone else can help you with that, but I had problems with my burner when I upgraded as well. I installed the newest 4 in 1 drivers, as well as up to date ASPI drivers. This fixed my problem, but not my fiance's. I still can't seem to get her burner to work at all.

    Hope this rambling helps.......If not, someone else will post something more worth while.
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    Sounds like Very slow startup loading taskbar. Some services just take a long time to start sometimes, disabling some could help but that could also create new problems.
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    You might try updating Nero to v5.5.9.17

    I also found some references to CD Burning problems in the MSKB but all those fixes should have been included in SP1.
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