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Dec 10, 2006
  1. Well, I have just got my first Router/Wireless Access. It was a freebie from a generous Freecycler who had upgraded. I have it hooked up and installed both computer are on it (Via wires) and it is working great as a Router. I am concerned that because I am in such a large residential area that other people will try to mooch off of it and try to access my computer. I would like some sort of monitoring software, but I have absolutely no clue where to start looking or what is even a good product????? Any good ideas or solutions? I would of course prefer something that is free over something that is not. But I understand that soemtimes you get what you pay for! I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 v2.0 it is 802.11b. If there are any opinions/problems from experience, with this specific product I would like to hear those as well. Again I am completely new to this whole network thing. But Hey I got both connected to the interent and got each of the computers to recognize each other, YAY! I even got the second computer to print something from our printer that is connected to the first computer. WooHoo! Anyway any advice would really be appreciated.

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    Did you set up WPA or WPA2 security? Do that. Enable MAC filtering and don't worry about mooching - only a very dedicated attacker would be able to break your small home network now (and it would take weeks/months).

    Since you are new to this networking thing, any kind of advanced network monitoring program is probably useless to you.
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    Nodsu WPA or WPA2? what's that and how do I find out? and where do I enable MAC filtering, and what is that? Thanks for the quick reply
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    You will find everything you need in the router's manual.. Probably something titled "wireless security"

    The router is quite old and may not have WPA though.. WEP is reatively easy to crack and if that's all you have - how about getting a newer router?
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  6. toothmkr57

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    Thanks guys for the help, the tutorial was great! I didn't have a manual because it was gifted free from someone, but with the setup page It got me everything I needed to know including a manual!!! It does only have WEP, but I set it on 128 bit, and used a different language for the key. So I hope that helps a little bit, at least enough, anyway....
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    its possible that a firmware update may enable you the wpa/wpa2 support. Go to the linksys website then support>downloads then select your router model from the drop down box.

    i think the latest one available is dated 7/15/2005 from that website. You can also obtain the user guide from there too.
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