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Xbox 360 bans rise to 1 million, banned consoles go up for sale

By Justin ¬∑ 114 replies
Nov 12, 2009
  1. HELL YEAH!!!! You're right. I'm an xbox user and i got banned as well for having my xbox modded (flashed). it pissed me off when i got banned, i can't complain, it WAS my fault. But no sweat off my back, I had 2 xboxes, my elite got banned so i switched everything over to the arcade (hard drive). Whoop-dee-Doo, the ONLY game I play onine is modern warfare 2, so SCREW YOU MICROSOFT, I'M STILL ENJOYING MY RPG'S ON MY OTHER CONSOLE "FREE-OF-CHARGE", ha ha, you'll never get a dime from me for more than 1% of your games. And i get them "up to" 3 weeks in advance, I was practicing modern warfare 2, 2 weeks before it was released, and I'll continue to do the same for every other worthy online game. There will never be a fair playing field in online gaming, NEVER.
  2. Now, let's say if it was not a modder but a hacker. Tonight two people were taking about hacking my friends account in modern warfare 2 and just over a game too and they told us he will lose his account bc he beat them. Is that fair?!? No I say to hell with all these modders and hackers I'm sick of this crap happening I'm tired of microsoft not doing crap about this. You can call in all u want they don't help you, I have had microsoft hang up on me twice and another guy i met in the process of calling in at walmart. This lasted for 3 hours and they also hung on walmart as they tried to call to them this was over Microsoft points not activating now I'm sure
    if it was hacking this same thing will happen. I might just get Sony Ps3 and get an apple computer because I am done with all this. Besides, if micrsoft keeps acting the way they do, pretty soon thy will be no more... Think about this.
  3. Ok how about this? Instead of these bans, allow users to return POS software upon customer satisfactory laws....

    Like Sonic for xbox360, facepalm.

    If the software is ****, you should be allowed to get your hard earned money back. Then, there would be no reason to pirate $60 or more a shot games.
  4. WTF has cheating to do with modded consoles? Are you retarded by any chance...? You can cheat aswell in retail games you know? It's not an "advantage" of modded xbox consoles like i've read in these comments 10 times before...
    Anyway, Microsoft is in their right to ban us modders and I couldn't care less....there's even a way to unlock the HDD's on your banned xbox 360 out already so f**k Microsoft and long live Hackers and Pirates.

  5. Aximilator

    Aximilator TS Rookie Posts: 63

    Well i think if you did something bad enough to get banned then you deserve it. and bans are not always permanent. i have done plenty of bad things on mine and have not gotten banned so whoever got banned must be doing some intensely bad stuff.
  6. i would like to know why exactly is xbox live better than playstartion network

    as ar as i can see psn has dedicated servers not piggy backed from other companys servers

    trophys are achievements

    gamer ponits are stupid and really dont say much because is to easy to fake them

    we can chat go on face book twitter and wehat have you with our free online browser\

    gaming is free i can invite players to play a game im in

    so whats the difference?
  7. Aximilator

    Aximilator TS Rookie Posts: 63

    lol, good point, there isnt a dif really but xbox seems to have more games, and most of which i play, lots of the ps3's games i dont really care for. but as for that and the fact that xbox's break all the time, and overheat alot. so yeah, i would probably say against the xbox if a friend asked for advice.
    as for the banning, i have been banned once for something minor and it was for like a couple days i could not go online and then it was over after that. so just dont cheat and you wont get banned
  8. I bought an 360 elite when it first came available just for the HDMI, and waited until my MS warranty was up to mod the firmware on my drive. I like to play the Asian games that are not even available to play in the USA anyway. So, that being said, MS would no longer cover my 360 if it died, and i never played any of those games on live, just on another local account on the unit. Then not too long ago, I plugged it into the net to check out some of the new updates, and now i cant play on live at all. So even after they rule out the possibility of a factory repair, and limiting my gaming to releases that are only available to the USA (what? I cant convert the video sequences or remove them because of PAL/NTSC incompatibilities) all of a sudden i'm banned? I have no "backups(AKA illegal rips)" all of my games were purchased outright, so i have the legal licenses. Why must I buy a foreign console and own two (consoles) to be able to play those? This is a very blanket ban that does not take into consideration the intent of individual users. I would have much rather had my account banned, or even the FW on the drive flashed to OEM then having my $500 out of warranty non unbannable unit forever banished from the net. MS, this was not the proper way to treat people, you are just as much of an ******* as Steve Jobs is about flash and such (and i'm a jailbroken iPhone 2g user that has been very happy for over 2.5 years)

    I bought a PC, it had windows, I formatted and installed linux, the unit has a 1 year warranty and the power supply died afer 4 months. Are you not going to replace it because I prefer Ubuntu? Shame on you.

    I have my original FW for my drive, just as i made a vista recovery disc for my pc. I can restore either at any time.

    So, that's my two cents worth,
  9. Viandroto

    Viandroto TS Rookie

    I'd have to agree with klepto. This does seem very harsh, why waste a perfectly good piece of technology simply because 1 person does not follow the rules? It seems like such a waste, specially in this day in age where we throw away technology more and more... 1 MILLION is quite a lot of units to just scrap. I suppose when a company such as Microsoft has your money, they don't really care about their actions. This is definitely a turn off to many consumers, when a company decides to punish their consumers in such a harsh manner. It's a game system for crying out loud...

    Personally, I do not own an XBox. And as far as I'm concerned now, I NEVER WILL. No, I don't mod systems, nor do I cheat... but seriously? To literally ban the system? This just sounds ridiculous to me...
  10. boyese

    boyese TS Rookie Posts: 20

    Banning the account which was used on the hacked xbox would of been a better idea, as the xboxs will end up on ebay.

    I hacked the orginal xbox had a 250gig HD in it and a lot of games........I only want on 5 I just collected the games.

    I didnt go on LIVE I used a different network to play online.

    is MS still taking money from accounts were their consoles have been banned?

    Ive got a PS3 i like their FREE PSN!
  11. InsaneVr6

    InsaneVr6 TS Booster Posts: 221

    So true, but I don't want this go off topic into a ps3 vs 360 battle. I hate people who modifty their consoles or cheat in the game. When I play...i want to play, not find out a way to get around your glitches (mwf2). If you are going to modify your console, stay off xbox live and leave us alone. When I run out of Xbox live I am not buying another membership. Converting to ps3 for good.
  12. I heard someone mention banning and had to google it to find out why.First what part of game don't people understand,if you need to cheat(chipping it to become faster) to beat it or someone else maybe you should stick to marbles.The second point is playing pirated games because you are to cheap to pay for someones intelligance and ability in designing the game.if you feel ripped off by the price ,the company or the site my suggestion is put down the controller and the key board and start your own site or company.It can be done just take a close look at Microsoft and Bill Gates.embod
  13. I bought new xbox 360 elite then got forza 2 copy bundle and halo3 odst bundle on the box
    Can I be banned for that?
  14. i think that any of the retards that modded there xbox and decided to go on live are getting what the deserve , i mean common stupid its time to dummy up, microsoft smart, you stupid, you get caught, lose xbox live, poor dummy next time read your manual if your that dumb
  15. so i definitely bought a microsoft refurbished xbox 360 through best buy, turns out i was sold a banned console. the crap is that i did not buy a best buy refurbished console, i specifically picked the other so itd work well. it stopped working after a month but for some reason the website wouldnt let me request a repair, i thought the website was glitching so whatever i waited to call because i have another xbox. finally i called in microsoft for a repair, turns out they wont fix it on its warrenty OR for pay because whoever previously owned it got it banned. im currently working on complaining to both microsoft and best buy to see if i can get a new console or somehing because i couldve gotten this console fixed and back in february 2010 had this not happened. it makes no sense that they would refurbish the console and then put it back out on the market though best buy.
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