Xbox Series update significantly reduces console boot time

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What just happened? Microsoft is testing a minor change that could have a major impact on the overall gaming experience on Xbox Series. The latest Xbox Insider test build for the Xbox Series S and Series X features an updated boot animation that's around five seconds shorter than the original. That's not a huge standalone time save, but it'll no doubt add up over time and get you in the game faster than before.

Josh Munsee, director of Xbox integrated marketing, confirmed the change on Twitter and said it was designed to reduce the console's overall startup time.

As The Verge highlights, users will only experience the faster boot time if their console is set to energy-saving mode. This model allows the console to shut down, thus conserving energy when not in use.

Instant-on mode allows for faster start up but requires power to keep it at the ready. According to a Microsoft support document, the Xbox Series S consumes 10W in instant-on mode while the Xbox Series X needs 13W to power the feature.

Microsoft earlier this year made energy saver mode the default option when initially setting up a console. Recent improvements now allow for system and game updates to be downloaded while in energy saving mode, making it even more appealing.

To change power settings after initial setup, simply press the Xbox button to open the guide then select profile & system > settings > general > power mode & start-up and choose the preferred power mode from the drop-down menu.

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No sweat of my back. Daughter probably wouldn't even notice the load up screen or how long it takes. She only notices when the Game Pass isn't syncing and her racing games aren't showing up as available.


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So 5 seconds are saved on a 2-3 hour gaming session? WOOO HOOO!
I think it's more about getting the experience under energy saver to feel closer to instant on so more people choose it or done atleast switch away from energy saver.

Ultimately it's a good thing and is one small step that goes to helping us curve our wasted energy usage.

Allows the system to shut down, but can also download updates

But how??

I'm wondering the same thing but if it's possible I'll switch over immediately. I only keep my in instant on not for time savings on boot but just to keep my games and system updated.

I have to assume some type of "wake-on-lan" type tech where maybe they know when an update you need is out and can waken your system to a certain degree to download and install it. Then go back to "off".