xp home install endless loop on a8v deluxe w/ SATA

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Sep 22, 2005
  1. I'm trying to get XP home installed on my new system:

    a8v deluxe, 2 sticks approved memory for 1 gig installed in the blue slots, one SATA drive plugged into the Via SATA1 plug, Promise controller disabled, onboard lan boot rom enabled, etc. BIOS: 1014. System will be a DAW.

    Booting with the XP CD and hitting F6 and S for the Via drivers, XP setup sees the HDD and installs (apparently), gets to the end of the process and reboots the system BUT then starts all over again, asking for drivers and loading as if it didn't do it the first time. If I remove the CD after the first attempt and let it try to boot without a boot disk or installation CD, I get:

    NO Hard Disk Drive Detected!
    Press F1 to Resume

    Pressing F1 gets me to the Yukon PXE and it asks me to reboot and select a proper boot device. If I do this with the XP CD, I start all over with the XP install (see above, repeat).

    My goal is to use two SATA drives as separate drives (no RAID). If I plug my second drive (larger drive) into the MOBO's Via SATA2 plug, the boot screen see's that drive, not the first, and with the XP install/F6/S sequence, it sees both disks. When I set the install for the C:\ drive, it seems to load files on the second D:\ drive (as if it is RAID?). Regardless, it gets to the end of the install sequence and reboots only to start the install all over again.

    Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!
  2. vegasgmc

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    If its a Western Digital drive with jumpers, remove the jumpers.
  3. mcgiffert

    mcgiffert TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, but it is a Samsung drive. I installed a jumper to bring it down from 300 gbps to 150 gbps per the instructions. I'll try the process without the jumper just to see what happens. It is getting so I can take this machine apart and change the BIOS with my eyes closed.
  4. mcgiffert

    mcgiffert TS Rookie Topic Starter

    XP reboot problem solved. You are a genius.

    Thanks, vegasgmc. I pulled the jumper from the drive and XP has now gotten past the install loop. Looks like it is working. I really appreciate your help.

    Thanks again.
  5. RKS

    RKS TS Rookie

  6. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    Here we see a thread that not only was resolved days ago, but the OP gave feedback that actually said that it was resolved. Yet still you post that link.

    The mind boggles. :dead:
  7. RKS

    RKS TS Rookie

    So he did - I missed that last post
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