xp install problems on sony vaio laptop

By bazyr
Aug 30, 2005
  1. i am trying to install xp on a friend's vaio r505 laptop; it previously had a win me install that was no longer booting properly.

    the cd drive on the dock does not work, so i tried copying the xp install files across the network then starting the install from win me safe mode. this started ok, but when the laptop rebooted it did not resume the installation.

    i next removed the hdd, reformatted it on another pc and copied xp across again, then used a dos boot disk to initiate the install.

    the same thing has happened again: it unpacks the setup files fine, then reboots, and tells me "operating system not found"

    i have also tried starting the install on the hdd in another pc then swapping it back when it reboots. it is almost as if there is boot sector protection or something; it never wants to boot the install.

    can anyone suggest what else i can try?
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