XP on external drive, need to access it from Vista on desktop

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Dec 6, 2010
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  1. Windows XP : My laptop would not load. I turned it on and it would pretend to start up but then go to a black screen. No windows logo would come on or anything. Post maybe happened but I have tried so many different routes that I forget at this moment. Well anyway, I checked Microsoft at this link (support.microsoft.com/kb/314503) sorry you will have to copy and paste that one since this is my first post, cannot start in safe mode or anything. Have the pata hd in an external drive currently. I can access most info. but what I need was on the desktop. How can I get to it? Thanks

  2. pjamme

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    Desktop will be in C:\documents and Settings\your username\Desktop
  3. SpeerMe

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    Yes, sorry I didn't mention that. Because this is a Windows OS on the, now, external drive it will not let me access it because of permissions. I cannot give it permission because windows will not start in any way shape or form. No safe mode, no nothing. So going through explorer has been tried and copying the drive to my local drive has also been done. It copies everything except what was on the desktop. Anything that I missed???
  4. LookinAround

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    You just need to "take ownership" of the stuff on external drive see here
  5. SpeerMe

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    Ok I gave that a go and that is pretty neat. It said that I could not use that utility because the media was write protected. Any thoughts? Could this be an issue with Windows because the MBR might be damaged?
  6. akannitaoheed

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    Do this: Right click the desktop folder yor're trying to open, clik propoerties. Go to the security tab and edit security level. Give yourself full control priviledge on the folder then click ok and try accessing again.

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