XP SP3 System Error Category (102) Event ID 1003 Code 1000007f

I have been experiencing hard crashes a lot recently (started yesterday) with this code in event viewer. I also have my most recent dump files.


  • dumps.zip
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Looks like the minidumps are pointing to a network driver used for an Intel Pro100 adapter. Do you have one?
Thank you for the response. I do have an Intel Pro100. Searching for new drivers now. Should I uninstall and reinstall or just update?

Is there any other drivers that may be causing an issue? Thanks :)
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No, just looks like the minidumps are from Network or general Windows corruption from a failing network card or it's driver
Yeah it is a super old computer (a NAS machine). Installed newer drivers for the network card and that seemed to make things worse. Restarts about 2 minutes after logging on to the domain now instead of randomly. Will probably have to replace it. Thanks for the information!