You'll soon be able to use an Xbox One controller to play Android games


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Microsoft's influence has spread to many parts of the software industry over the years. Naturally, they dominate the desktop PC market with Windows, but they're also holding their own in the gaming scene.

However, Google is now helping the company spread its reach to the mobile market. According to a report from XDA Developers, Google engineers have finally patched a long-standing Bluetooth bug that prevented Xbox One controllers from working properly with smartphone titles.

As such, with the release of Android 9 "Pie," you'll finally be able to kick butt and take names in PUBG or Ark with a gamepad - the question is, would you really want to?

Sure, having a controller could give you an edge in mobile titles, but the experience likely won't be ideal. For example, you'd have to find a way to prop your phone up in a comfortable manner while also sitting close enough to the screen to make out the details.

Furthermore, if you already have an Xbox One controller, you probably also have an Xbox One console or a PC where you could be playing the games instead.

Regardless, if you're committed to taking your gamepad out for a mobile test drive, you'll be able to do so soon.

Not many games support the option as of writing, but with this bug finally patched, more developers will undoubtedly add controller compatibility to their titles in the coming months.

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I already use the Switch controller for gaming on my tablet, but they need to release a key mapping tool for most games. Unless your playing emulators it doesn't seem worth while.
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But would you want to? Maybe not yet, but if you could then they could make games that could use it.

I remember back in the early days of smart phones I had an HTC EVO. It had an HDMI Output so you could display your smartphone to a TV. You could get an app to emulate a first generation Nintendo and with cheap bluetooth controller (Not an Xbox one) you could turn your phone into a Nintendo and play it on your TV.

If Microsoft is smart, they'll make some mobile games that work well with a controller and market them to Android users.


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I think it's a great idea, because gaming on a touch screen is probably the worst possible gaming experience for games like this. Having to keep picking your fingers up to make certain movements or accidentally hitting buttons on the screen because they lack a real feeling are my issues with touch screens. I'm all for allowing me to hook up a controller I already own to allow for easier mobile games. However, I just simply don't play games on my phone. If I'm not home, it's because I'm doing something that doesn't have time for games. My gaming is 99% at home and playing on a phone when I could play on a PC or a proper console just doesn't make sense.

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