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Your recommendation is my last hope

By t.s.lim
May 12, 2005
  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a bookmark manager program with capabilities as described below, if you know one which fulfills all the requirements, please kindly recommend it to me, thank you.
    My email address is "highclassxx@xxmyjaring.xxnet" (remove the xx)

    Special requirements (mandatory):
    1) Support both IE6 and Opera 7 and above.
    2) Able to "import bookmarks from" and "export bookmarks to" supported browsers.
    3) Run under WinXP+Sp2 and able to handle bookmarks (especially when import or export bookmarks) both in English and Chinese Simplified. (i.e. it must be unicode aware for all its operations)
    4) Support "alias". In otherwords, it always saves only 1 copy of particular bookmark and allowadditional copies (that is the alias) to be created as a shortcut to the actual bookmark.

    Interested (not mandatory):
    1) Able to export bookmarks to html (I mean links)
    2) Able to launch groups of bookmarks (using external browser, for IE this means multiple copies will be invoked)
    3) Able to categories bookmarks using a mechanism like "AcdSee" categories its graphic files. (I mean categories are created first, then for each bookmark, tick those categories it belongs to)

    Despite months of searching and evaluating, I fail to find one. Hopefully, there is such a utility which I have missed, please tell me if you know one...

    The below are all bookmark programs I have tried, the closest one is "UrlBase Pro ver" but it does not support unicode (at least for Chinese characters it is the case). Another good one is "Linkman ver" but it does not has the concept of "Alias" and the interface is not well organized.

    1) UrlBase pro
    2) *Linkman
    3) *Power Bookmark manager
    4) Bookmark buddy
    5) AcqUrl 7.x
    6) Check&Get
    7) SurfGem
    and at least a dozen more which I am too tire to go on...

    * are those seems to have no update for too long.
    Chinese bookmark manager programs mostly are not serious, some of which I can't even locate a homepage, so I don't want to risk buying a license ...
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Do a Google with unicode bookmark manager as well as unicode alias bookmark manager as the search-object.
    Plenty options on offer to try out.
    I use strictly Firefox (and English), so I don't have the need for anything fancy.
  3. t.s.lim

    t.s.lim TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi realblackstuff,

    Believe me I have done the Google thing (since months ago), it is true a lot can be found, but I fail to find one which can do all the 4 things I want...

    Btw, does FireFox 's bookmark support the "Alias" thing like what I want? I don't take that feature as fancy, it is all about efficiency (the easy of maintaining huge number of bookmarks)
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