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Dec 16, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I have a question about Yesterday I was prompted by ZoneAlarm to download and install a new version, and during the process there was a suggested free system scan, the results of which pop up in an IE window (which pissed me off to begin with since I use FF as my default). A screen cap of my "results" is here:

    I am wondering what you wonderful people know about this site and/or if you have heard anything bad about them?? According to their 'report' my system is "critical" which sounds to me very much like a lot of on-line scams trying to scare people into buying useless software.

    However, if they have a good rep and if you have used this tool (a program called SystemCheckup_ZoneAlarm2.exe) and found it useful, I obviously would be a little more concerned about the health of my sytem.

    So what is your opinion?

    FF browser
    Linksys Cable Modem, Linksys Router

    All programs above are the free version (where applicable) and all are up to date as of right before this scan.

    Also, I had just completed a Safe Mode scan using AVG, AVGAS, Ad-Aware and Spybot (all running simultaneously), and nothing had come up, so I was surprised by the results of this scan.

    I also attached a Hijack-this log that I just ran, since I know that is a big this on this web site. But I don't really have time to do the complete day-long laundry list of steps that you typically require to analyze a known problem until you tell me whether you think I really might have a problem.

    So is and this report above-board and something to be concerned about in your opinions??


    Edit: Two things that occurred to me just after posting.

    1. Is there any way that someone could write an executable file that would sequentially run through the 'laundry list' of steps required to analyze problems with a few user prompts along the way? From doing this in the past, I remember it being a difficult process that linked in to several pages with other instructions along the way, and the odds of an intermediate user like myself (someone who knows enough to know what they don't know) effing it up is pretty high, unfortunately. So a program automatically pointing to the download links and so on, and then prompting the user to do each step with the correct program would be extremely helpful.

    2. Out of curiosity, what does the little green check-mark next to the paperclip icon with my thread listing in the forum mean? That I have already gone through this process in the past and should know better than to post an HJT log without all the other prep work? :) (In my defense, I am working against a couple deadlines right now, and so a day of working through all the steps that are a little complicated for someone of limited computer abilities like myself is not something I can do unless there seems to be a 'critical' need.)
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  3. billyellis

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    Hi Rik,

    I was just editing my post and saw your reply when I refreshed. Thank you. That entry should be OK. I have used that helpdesk chat (in IE since it won't work in FF for me) a few times and may need to do so again.

    So any opinion on this scan? Searching for "Iolo" before posting, I came across a few people who use their products, but I had never heard of them before today, so I don't know if their products are any good. But I was not sure if this free scan was just another marketing-by-fear tool.

    I am wondering if anyone who is a tech whiz and knows their system to be clean and optimized has tried running this scan to see if it ever comes up clean, or whether it always outputs dire warnings (indicating that it is nothing more than a bad marketing ploy)?
  4. Rik

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    I have never heard of it before and therefore wouldn't trust it.

    Mcaffee site advisor doesn't show any problems with their site but the fact thet are "piggybacking" zone alarm makes me very skeptical.

    I cant find any bad info on it, but i cant find any positive info on it either, so...
  5. billyellis

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    Thanks. That's what I wanted to know.

    If anyone else tries this tool and wants to respond with their good or bad experiences, please feel free...
  6. crzy4dpw

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    good morning

    yes I HAVE used this tool before, (but not recently). My system was brand new at the time, clean as a whistle, operating like a top, yet it returned MANY entries it wanted me to believe were dangerous... they were false. I won't use it again.
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