DialServer adds a unique set of extra dialup services to Windows XP.

It includes extra handling for your Internet connections and managing any Incoming calls all tied together with an in-built scheduler.

DialServer also has a set of actions that can be run, either from the scheduler or from an event such as connect / disconnect from the Internet or from a special incoming trigger call.

For example with the scheduler, events and actions you can:

Set up a schedule when the Internet connection is available.
Locking it when its not available.

Automatically connect/disconnect to the Internet at predefined times.

When Internet connects, automatically update a web site or send an email with a current link to your system. (Web site, Home automation, remote desktop, etc)

Record statistics for Internet use to check against your ISP usage.

When a special incoming trigger call is received from you, run an action that connects to Internet for 30 minutes.


DialServer includes some special handling for incoming calls:

Lookup of caller information in a global windows address book

Display or speak caller information on local and remote Windows systems.
(The remote systems can be Windows 98, ME, 2000 & XP )

Route incoming calls to the correct application ( fax, answerphone, remote
access ) depending on the criteria; Time, Day of week, Distinctive ring and
caller number.

Configure unanswered calls as trigger calls to run actions using same
criteria as routing a call plus the maximum number of rings.

Support for multiple incoming lines.

Plus many other features!!

* Operating System requirement: WinXP, Windows2003